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Dental Implants Washington, DC

Replacing broken and missing teeth can give you more than just a pretty smile – it can improve your quality of life. Whether you are missing teeth as a result of trauma, a congenital defect, periodontal disease, or decay, affordable dental implants may provide a permanent and natural-looking solution for missing teeth.

“Proper diagnosis and treatment planning are at the heart of a successful dental implant procedure.” – Dr. Cobb

Dr. Cobb works with the leading oral surgeons and periodontists in the Washington D.C. area to ensure the best results for his patients. He treats the patient from start to finish, bringing in specialists and surgeons for key aspects of the procedure. Their expertise in placing implants means that the patient will receive the highest level of care.


Building Better Smiles

What sets Dr. Cobb apart from other dentists is his experience and approach. Dedicated to his own post-graduate training, Dr. Cobb logs many hours of continuing dental education each year.

In addition, he is a sustaining member of The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), the first step towards accreditation with the AACD. What says the most about him are his patient’s testimonials and the results he has been able to achieve with them. Dr. Cobb was also voted one of Washington D.C.’s top dentists by Washingtonian magazine.

Getting Dental Implants in Washington DC

  • The first step is a consultation and comprehensive examination with Dr. Cobb. Using the latest technology, including digital radiography and 3D bone scans, Dr. Cobb is able to get a precise look at what is going on inside the mouth and bone. Next, Dr. Cobb works up a specific treatment plan that involves an oral surgeon or other specialists, who will place the dental implant and dental laboratory who will fabricate the surgical guides (if used) and final restoration. Using digital imaging, computer modeling, and wax models, Dr. Cobb is able to illustrate for the patient how the proposed treatment will look and function.
  • The patient will then be seen by the oral surgeon or periodontist who will remove the tooth or teeth, evaluate the bone and then place the dental implant. The dental implant is usually composed of titanium and will fuse with the living bone, this process takes about three to four months. In some cases, the patient may be eligible to remove an immediate provisional (temporary) tooth. Certain patients may receive their permanent restoration that same day. The final restoration either a dental crown or a prosthetic tooth (or teeth) is placed by Dr. Cobb in his office.

Dental implants are particularly strong and natural-looking and are an excellent choice for replacing teeth missing in the smile zone.

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Dr. Andrew Cobb, Washington, D.C’s expert implantologist, is dedicated to providing personalized, quality dental care to each one of his patients. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Cobb if you are looking to replace your missing teeth with high-quality dental implants.

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