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Smile Gallery


“I was in tremendous pain. I could hardly even open my mouth to eat… The pain has vastly subsided… Dr. Cob always goes the extra mile. I feel like I can trust anything he says.”


“Dr. Cobb fixed my smile. He’s given me confidence in a way I could not have imagined… He restored my desire to openly express my smile.”


“One of the things that I really liked is the fact that he manages his office so well. Everybody was on time, and did what they were supposed to, so it was such a pleasure to work with them…Now I get a lot of compliments, “Oh you have a great smile!”


“I felt convinced from the start that he was going to be able to fix my problems… In business, I notice especially people who are complimenting me all the time on my smile.“What did you do? You look good. You look younger.”


“Dr. Cobbs office is really warm and. inviting… One thing that sets Dr. Cobb apart from others is his attention to detail. ”


“I’ve been working with Andrew for fifteen years… Drew had a plan from the very beginning.”


“I enjoy immensely going to his office because of the warm and welcoming environment that he and his staff have created there… It’s such a fantastic facility and the hygienist are outstanding. I actually enjoy all of my time at Dr. Cobbs.”


“I really like going to Dr. Cobb because I like the people who work there. I find that he’s calm and explains things well and also I always like the results.”


“He was very nice and didn’t push me at all. He suggested to me 2 ways and explained how both would totally be done.”


“As a dentist you want someone treating you like you treat your patients. Someone with the clinical expertise and professionalism and attention to detail to solve your problems.”


“I am confident now to speak publically and smile… I looked in the mirror for the first time and saw a smile I had never seen before. I knew all the time and effort that I went through there was well worth it and I thank Dr. Cobb for that!”