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Washington, DC Dentist Office 3-D Printing Technology

Dr. Andrew Cobb has been a pioneer in the field of dentistry, becoming an early adopter of leading techniques and technologies that have vastly improved the patient experience and results. Dr. Cobb has incorporated advanced digital technology into our Washington, DC dental office.

As an experienced dentist in Washington, DC for restoring damaged and missing teeth, Dr. Cobb uses digital technology and 3-D printing as part of treatment planning and for creating temporary restorations for patients. 3-D printing can offer a unique and economical way to restore normal function and aesthetics while you wait for a permanent dental crown or implant to be completed in a dental lab.

3-D Printing: how does it work?

Creating a 3-D printed dental restoration starts with using 3-D digital scanning. Dr. Cobb will scan your mouth and use the imagery to create a custom, highly accurate dental crown or a complete tooth for placement while you wait. The 3-D printed restoration is made of a biocompatible material that is also able to be color matched with your existing teeth or natural appearance.

The restoration is placed and secured using a special adhesive that can be removed when the final one is ready. Once in place, you can eat and speak normally.

How is 3-D printing beneficial?

Dr. Cobb has incorporated this new technology with the goal of improving your dental care experience and the final outcome. In-office 3-D printing is economical for patients, being less costly than other options for creating a temporary crown or tooth. This advanced technology also provides greater control over the process and the fit of the restoration for the best possible outcome.

What else can 3-D printing be used for in dentistry?

Dr. Cobb will continue to evolve the use of 3-D printing in our office due to the many applications it can have as materials and techniques are improved. In addition to creating custom temporary dental crowns and other types of restorations, we will use 3-D printing technology to improve your patient experience and offer economical alternatives when appropriate for your needs.

  • Dr. Cobb can use 3-D printing to create models for more accurate treatment planning, an important part of restorative and cosmetic treatment plans.
  • Mouthguards and splints can be created in our office using 3-D printing technology.
  • This technology is being developed to create clear aligners for addressing orthodontic needs and crooked teeth or bite problems.