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4 Foods That Might Break Teeth

Your teeth are durable and experience wear and tear from chewing and biting constantly. But despite their strength, accidents can occur that may lead to a chip, crack, or fracture in a tooth. Dentists consider this a dental emergency, so you will need to call your dentist right away about this tooth injury.

You can reduce your risk of this tooth breakage when you learn that certain food items could cause this type of accident. Then you can take precautions when eating them and protect your dental structure. Read on to find four foods that may cause damage to your smile if you bite into them carelessly.

foods can hurt your teeth

Which Foods Can Cause Teeth Breakage?


Many people love to watch a movie either at a theater or at home with a bowl of popcorn. This delicious snack is popular, but it is also a common cause of broken teeth. The light, fluffy texture can hide a hard, unpopped kernel in the bowl.

If you bite down on one of these kernels, you could seriously injure your tooth. Even if you do not feel pain from this tooth breakage, you should tell your dentist about it.

A crack or chip can deepen without treatment. Not only will this disrupt the look of your smile, but it will make your smile vulnerable to many dental dangers.


You can build a perfect sandwich using a bagel for any time of day. But bagels have a surprisingly dense texture that could pose a threat to your teeth. Hard bread like bagels may break your teeth when you bite them.

Pay attention to your eating habits if you are consuming a bagel. Precautionary measures can help you avoid a dental emergency. If you do hurt your teeth, call your dentist for an urgent evaluation.

Hard Candy

Hard candy is made by melting and boiling sugar and allowing it to solidify as it cools into the beloved sweet treat. It is designed to dissolve in the mouth, but it can feel tempting to bite down on this candy before that point. But this action could severely damage your dental structure.

If you cannot eat hard candy without wanting to bite it, you might want to avoid this treat to protect your oral health. You can save a great amount of time and money when you lower your chances for dental emergencies by steering clear of risky food items.

Corn on the Cob

Many people enjoy eating corn while still on its cob. It is fun to eat this way, but your teeth are not made to bite directly into a cob. Grating against the hard cob to reach the corn could cause a tooth to break.

Whenever possible, you should eat corn off of the cob to avoid injuries like this. Your dentist may recommend treatment with a dental crown to repair a tooth after this breakage. Do not delay dental attention with you break a tooth and call your dentist’s office as soon as you can.