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Do Implants Provide Permanent Tooth Replacement?

If you suffer from tooth loss, you want a method of replacing your teeth that you can trust. Dentists often recommend dental implants to patients seeking a long-lasting solution to missing teeth. These devices serve as fixed prosthetic teeth that will remain securely in place with minimal maintenance required.

Though this treatment comes with the most comprehensive advantages, some patients may still worry about what these dental fixtures will mean for their long-term oral health goals. Read on to learn more about the longevity of dental implants and the benefits you can experience with this restorative dental treatment.

replace missing teeth with dental implants

How Long Will Dental Implants Remain in My Smile?

A dental implant uses one or more titanium post anchors that a dentist will surgically insert into the patient’s jaw. As it heals, the anchor fuses with the jawbone, providing long-lasting support. The dentist then secures the prosthetic teeth to the abutment attached to the anchor at the gum line.

Because of this fusion, dentists consider this to be a permanent dental solution. The device remains fixed in place with no way for the patient to remove it themselves.

The dental implant can stay in the patient’s smile for thirty or more years. You can ensure a longer, more effective treatment by continuing to take care of your smile after this process.

How Can I Get the Most Out of My Dental Implants?

Before you receive a dental implant, your dentist will examine your smile to make sure you are eligible for this treatment. They check your jawbone health to ensure your jawbone is strong enough to receive and sustain the anchors through oral surgery.

If you are stable and successfully receive dental implants, you should continue good oral hygiene at home to keep your appliances and your smile healthy. You can stave off gum disease and cavities that can impact your dental work by removing plaque and other residues in a timely fashion.

These dental problems can cause major damage to your smile if left to progress. You can prevent these issues and preserve your smile and implants with this type of care.

Are There Drawbacks to Permanent Oral Restoration?

Some patients might feel uncomfortable with committing to a permanent dental treatment like implants. They can ask their dentist about removable oral appliances to restore their smiles in these instances. Removable dentures will also be more affordable than dental implants, though with fewer overall advantages.

Implant dentistry also will not offer immediate results. Patients must understand that to complete this treatment, they will need three or more sessions with their dentist which can last several months. However, the process will yield highly effective benefits.

Patients will experience full oral function as well as a beautiful and natural finish in their smiles’ appearances. Though dentists will perform an oral health evaluation before proceeding with this treatment, some complications can occur. Your dentist can discuss the potential risks of this procedure when you schedule a consult.

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