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Do I Need to Straighten My Smile?

If you have crooked teeth, you may realize the impact their alignment makes on your smile’s appearance. However, misaligned teeth can make your smile vulnerable to dental dangers too.

Your dentist can enhance your smile’s health and look by straightening it with custom-made clear aligners. Ask your dentist about the best way to preserve and boost your smile during a dental consultation appointment. Read on to learn how a straighter smile with help from your dentist can improve your oral health.

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3 Advantages to Straightening Crooked Teeth

Simplify Your Oral Hygiene Routine

If you have teeth that overlap one another, you may have trouble accessing the entire surface of the teeth when brushing and flossing. Gaps between teeth can lead to food becoming trapped in your smile.

These factors can mean that plaque and other harmful residues linger on your smile, eating away at your teeth. If you straighten your smile with help from your dentist, you can clean your teeth much easier.

Clear aligners will gradually shift teeth into a straighter position which will be simpler to floss and brush effectively. These aligners are removable, so you can continue to practice good oral hygiene without disruption from your teeth straightening treatment.

Stop Wear and Tear on Your Teeth

If you have misaligned teeth, this could mean that your bite does not close properly. Bite and jaw alignment concerns may negatively impact your ability to complete oral functions, like chewing, without issue.

It can also lead to habits like teeth grinding and clenching that can occur unconsciously but deeply impact your oral health. Patients with bruxism can experience long-term jaw problems like temporomandibular joint disorders.

Improper bites may create abnormal pressures on your teeth, causing them to wear and tear more than they should. Your teeth may suffer injuries like cracks or chips, which can detract from your smile’s appearance and also put you at risk of oral infections and other dental dangers.

While your dentist may use restorative dental treatments to amend tooth breakage, you can protect the natural structure of your smile by straightening your crooked teeth to address bite problems. This decrease in pressure will stop the damage from impacting the health and appearance of your teeth. Learn more about bite health.

Boost Confidence in the Look of Your Smile

Patients may feel unhappy with the way that their teeth look when they smile if their teeth are crooked. This dissatisfaction can carry over into the confidence they carry in other aspects of their lives. Their personal and professional lives could suffer consequences from this attitude.

Straightening your teeth can make you feel proud of the appearance of your smile once again. You can smile with an assurance that will spread to the other parts of your life. Treating these aesthetic concerns in your smile can allow you to remain focused on your busy schedule without stopping to worry about the way that your smile appears.