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Aesthetic Issues with Periodontal Disease

Approximately half of American adults suffer from gum disease. The likelihood of contracting this infection in the gum tissue increases with age.

Despite its prevalence, many people do not know that periodontal disease requires treatment from a dental professional to get rid of. If the condition progresses, you may experience severe structural damage to your smile.

Periodontal issues may hinder the appearance of your smile as well which may persist even when the infection is eradicated. Chevy Chase Digital Dentistry, a dental practice located in Washington, DC, describes cosmetic dental concerns that may arise if gum disease remains untreated.

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Swollen Gum Tissue

Dental professionals call the early stage of gum disease “gingivitis.” This refers to the inflammation of the gum tissue that an infection can cause. Symptoms of this condition include bleeding, soreness, and swelling of the gums.

Many individuals may feel self-conscious about the appearance of puffy and red gums if they have periodontal disease. When your dentist eradicates the gum disease, the swelling should go down, and your gums will look healthier.

Gaps Between Teeth

As gum disease progresses, the infection can reach the root of your teeth. This may cause teeth to begin shifting out of place and creating spaces between your teeth.

You may notice dark spots in your smile where gaps have formed between teeth. Dentists refer to this condition as black triangles. You may require cosmetic dental treatment after getting rid of gum disease to resolve black triangles.

Dental bonding can fill these gaps using composite resin. This cosmetic solution can last from three to ten years with proper care. Invisalign may fix teeth that have become crooked using clear-colored plastic aligners that gradually straighten a smile.

Missing Teeth

Periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss for adults in the United States. Advanced gum disease can create enough damage to the root of a tooth that the tooth may fall out.

Missing teeth can hinder oral function as well as disrupt the look of your smile. The absence of a tooth root can mean that bone in the jaw may deteriorate too, which could lead to the appearance of facial sagging among other cosmetic dental concerns.

A dental implant can replace missing teeth, restoring the look of your smile with a natural prosthetic, whether you have lost one, several, or an entire arch of teeth. Its titanium post anchor can also stop bone loss in the jaw and encourage regeneration of bone that may have already deteriorated. Your dentist can determine if you are eligible for this tooth replacement during a consultation appointment.

Enhance Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry in Washington, DC

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