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When Should I Visit My Dentist?

We grow up learning that visiting the dentist on a regular basis is crucial. But many people only see their dentist in emergency situations. You can prevent emergency dental work by scheduling routine preventative dentistry appointments.

But when should we be visiting our dentists? And why are these appointments so important for our overall wellbeing? Chevy Chase Digital Dentistry, a dentist office located in Washington, DC, provides further information about routine dental appointments and how often you should schedule them.

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What Happens During Routine Dentist Appointments?

During a routine dentist appointment, your dentist will complete a thorough dental cleaning and an oral health evaluation. Your dentist will clean plaque and tartar build-up from your teeth and gums, especially in hard-to-reach spots of your mouth like near the gumline. If left on your smile, plaque can erode tooth enamel and cause other severe dental issues, like tooth decay and periodontal disease.

Your dentist will also examine your smile during these appointments. They can check for signs of existing dental concerns and provide prompt treatment.

They will also monitor potential problems, like growing wisdom teeth, which may require future dental work. X-ray imaging and other tools may be used during these visits to provide accurate diagnoses.

How Often Should I Schedule Regular Appointments?

Dentists usually recommend scheduling routine dental cleanings and exams every six months. This provides an ideal window for dentists to stop any dental problems before they can cause serious or irreversible damage to your smile.

Some individuals may need to visit their dentist more frequently. Senior patients, those with a higher propensity of tartar formation, and people with underlying medical conditions may need to see a dental professional three or four times per year.

When Do I Need to Schedule an Emergency Visit?

Though we may maintain regular dentist appointments, accidents can occur that may create a dental problem between these routine visits. You should not hesitate to call your dentist if you experience a dental emergency, such as a broken dental crown or a fractured tooth. Tooth pain of any kind is abnormal, and you do not need to suffer without treatment from your dentist.

Some dental issues may seem mild or tolerable but may require prompt treatment from your dental professional. Bleeding gums and tooth sensitivity can often be symptoms of larger dental problems that require intervention from your dentist, especially if the conditions become chronic. If you are worried about your smile, you should reach out to your dentist and see if you can schedule an emergency dental appointment.

Learn More from Your Washington, DC Dentist

Chevy Chase Digital Dentistry provides preventative dental care and other general treatments to patients, including periodontal care. Dr. Andrew Cobb and Dr. Matias Cima are an expert dentist team in Washington, DC who also specialize in cosmetic and restorative dentistry. To schedule a consultation with our practice, contact our staff online or reach us by phone at 202.455.0901.