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Can I Get Another Cavity Under My Filling?

Most individuals get at least one cavity in their lifetime, and dentists can treat this problem with a dental filling within one dentist appointment. Dentists remove decay before they fill the cavity, protecting the tooth from harm.

However, it is possible for dental patients to develop tooth decay under their dental filling. Chevy Chase Digital Dentistry, a dental practice in Washington, DC, provides further information about recurrent decay and how you can avoid this dental concern.

treat recurrent decay with your dentist in Washington DC

What Is Recurrent Decay?

Tooth decay refers to damage to the enamel of your tooth, which can occur due to plaque and tartar build-up, eating sugary or acidic foods, or other factors that may be outside of a patient’s control. To treat cavities, a form of decay that creates a hole in the tooth, your dentist removes the damaged enamel and fills the area with composite resin.

Recurrent decay occurs when a cavity develops under the filling or a dental crown. This can occur if the seal of the filling or crown wears down or cracks, allowing bacteria to enter the vulnerable area of your tooth.

How Will My Dentist Treat Recurring Tooth Decay?

As with other forms of tooth decay, your dentist will need to remove the damaged portion of the tooth. The dentist will also replace the filling or crown so that the area can be properly protected once again after treatment.

If decay has progressed deep into the tooth, the pulp may become infected. This may require a root canal to repair, and the patient will receive a dental crown to shield the tooth after the procedure.

Can I Prevent Recurrent Decay?

Proper oral hygiene and healthy eating choices can help prevent cavities. You should also visit your dentist every six months for an oral health examination and dental cleaning.

During these appointments, your dentist can use x-ray imaging to evaluate the health of your teeth under crowns and fillings to spot potential decay and treat it promptly. Your dentist may also treat teeth grinding or clenching habits that have contributed to the wear and tear of your filling or crown.

Expert Treatment from Your Dentist in Washington, DC

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