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Why Should I Choose Dental Implants?

Dental implants tend to be the most expensive available option to replace missing teeth. Because of this, many patients tend to gravitate towards cheaper old-fashioned options such as dentures and dental bridges.

These certainly are effective treatments and continue to be used by dentists everywhere, but many dentists including Drs. Andrew Cobb and Matias Cima prefer the use of dental implants whenever possible. Why?

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More Comfortable

Because they are simply glued in place and shift over time, dentures can have a tendency to irritate or injure the gums. Dental bridges affixed by a pair of crowns are more permanent but require damaging two teeth in order to receive the crowns. Dental implants are permanently fixed into the jawbone to prevent any uncomfortable shifting or slipping.

More Functional

Because the roots of the teeth are no longer stimulating the jawbone bone loss is a common problem associated with missing teeth. The deep metal implant recreates the job of the root and maintains bone density. The permanent placement also means that dental implants behave like your natural teeth. You can eat what you want and care for them just as you would your other teeth.

More Esthetic

A rigid row of teeth attached to plastic gums has a tendency to look fake, and partials and bridges can have visible wires. The placement of dental implants replicates that of natural teeth and is invisible so that nothing gets in the way of your perfect smile.

Longer Lasting

The strong dental resin or ceramic used to make your dental implants replicates natural tooth material. It is strong and hard-wearing so there is no need to worry about damage with normal use. While a good dental bridge or denture can be expected to last ten years, with proper care you can anticipate thirty years or more of use from your dental implants. This is what truly makes them an investment for your future.

Schedule a Consultation

We understand that choosing dental implants can be a big decision. We are always happy to schedule an appointment to discuss your eligibility for dental implants and answer any questions or concerns. To schedule your consultation, contact Dr. Andrew C. Cobb in Washington, DC on our website or at (202) 455-0901.