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Dental Crowns Q&A

When many people think of restorative dentistry, dental crowns may be among the first thing that comes to mind. Dental crowns are a very common treatment with a lot of applications. Some estimates show that up to 1/3 of Americans have at least one dental crown, and many people have more.

Despite how common crowns are, many people may not be totally clear on what they are and how they work. The office of Dr. Andrew C. Cobb is here to take the mystery out of dental crowns so you can feel confident in getting the restorative treatment you need.

3d render of jaw with teeth and dental crown restoration over white background

What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are a sort of cap that fits over the damaged tooth. The cap supports the tooth and makes eating more comfortable.

Why Are They Needed?

There are a number of reasons why someone might need dental crowns. In some instances, a crown improves the look of a permanently discolored tooth. More often, crowns repair damaged teeth. Advanced cavities and decay are among the most common reasons for dental crowns. Cracked and broken teeth, misshapen teeth, and stabilizing a root canal are other problems that might call for crowns.

How Are They Made?

After determining that dental crowns are the right treatment for you, Dr. Cobb will prepare the tooth by stabilizing damage and removing old repairs and shaping the tooth to receive the crown.

He will take impressions of the damaged tooth, and the impressions are used to mill the crown out of color-matched porcelain, which mimics the look and feel of a natural tooth. While you wait for your finished crown, Dr. Cobb will place a temporary crown for function and esthetics.

How Are They Placed?

Digital imaging technology helps Dr. Cobb place the new crown precisely. Crowns crack mainly due to poor fit and placement, so Dr. Cobb is very careful in planning and placing your repair. Your dentist will carefully check the crown for fit and comfort. Once you are both satisfied with the results, he will cement it into place.

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Are you interested in dental crowns for your damaged teeth? Are your old repairs showing their age and in need of replacement? Dr. Andrew C. Cobb has dedicated himself to countless hours of advanced training in modern dentistry in order to offer the highest standard of care anywhere. To schedule a consultation, contact our Washington, DC office on our website or over the phone at (202) 455-0901.