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Advanced TMJ Diagnosis

TMJ bite analysis in Washington D.C.TMJ, or tempromandibular joint disorder, refers to a complex set of disorders affecting the joints of the jaw. Because the symptoms are easy to dismiss or misattribute, proper diagnosis of TMJ disorders can be difficult.

Dr. Andrew Cobb in Washington, DC is an alumnus and senior faculty member of the Dawson Academy with advanced training in diagnosing and treating TMJ.

What Causes TMJ?

Because TMJ refers to a body of disorders, there is no single cause. Most problems with these joints, however, come down to poor bite alignment. Dr. Cobb’s complete dentistry approach is dedicated to ensuring that the whole mouth works in harmony. If even one element of the occlusal system is working poorly, the whole system can go awry. TMJ can be the result.

Advanced Diagnosis

Dr. Cobb is dedicated to staying at the forefront of cutting-edge dentistry. As such, he has been happy to adopt new technologies designed to pinpoint the mechanical problems causing your TMJ disorder.

Tekscan Dental Equipment

Tekscan, also known as TScan, is a pressure monitoring system. The patient will bite down on this convenient handheld device, and the system will provide a digital pressure map of your mouth. Dr. Cobb can use this readout to identify trouble spots in your mouth for individual tooth-by-tooth treatment.

Joint Vibration Analysis

The movement of your jaw and the friction in your joints causes micro vibrations. Joint vibration analysis, or JVA, uses accelerometers to read these vibrations and measure the amount of friction in the tempromandibular joints.

TMJ Treatment

Once your particular disorder has been diagnosed, Dr. Cobb offers a variety of TMJ treatment options, including mouthguards, bite splints to improve jaw alignment, and restorative dentistry for proper bite contact. For some patients, Dr. Cobb may recommend orthodontic treatment, and can refer you to a local specialist to better your bite.

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