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Will my face sag if I have missing teeth?

tooth loss facial sagging dental implants prevent facial sagging Washington, D.C. implant dentistIf you have ever seen a person with missing teeth you may have noticed that their jaw has recessed, and their face may appear like it is sagging. Facial sagging due to bone loss and a lack of structure due to tooth loss is common. Even patients with traditional dentures may experience some degree of facial sagging.

Tooth and bone loss can actually change the shape of your facial structure altering your overall appearance. Facial sagging can cause premature aging and can take a toll on a patient’s self-confidence. Tooth loss destabilizes the entire structure of the jaw. With an empty root socket, space is created and allow teeth to shift. Empty sockets also weaken the bone tissue and eventually leads to the bone tissues breaking down and wearing away.

How can I prevent facial sagging if I have missing teeth?

Missing teeth can have psychological, functional and aesthetic consequences. Replacing missing teeth promptly after a loss is an optimal solution for preventing facial sagging. Dental implants are the most supportive treatment option for replacing missing teeth and promoting healthy bone structure. Dental implant secured dental restoration can help rebuild your overall appearance. For patients who have already experienced mild to advanced bone loss, bone grafting or other surgical treatments can be performed to rebuild the jaw.

Dental implants can be used to replace a single missing tooth or to secure a dental restoration for the replacement of many missing teeth. Implants are the most natural option for restoring a smile with missing teeth. Dental implants can help prevent facial sagging and help stabilize the integrity of the facial structure.

Supporting Facial Integrity After Tooth Loss

Replacing teeth with dental implants can stabilize the jaw bone preventing additional tooth loss, bone loss, and facial sagging. Dental implant posts mimic the natural tooth root and actually help regenerate healthy bone tissue. Dental implants are made from medical grade, biocompatible materials that fuse to the jaw creating a stable and lasting bond.

If you are missing teeth contact Dr. Andrew Cobb to learn about how dental implants can help your rebuild a natural, healthy smile. Dr. Cobb has advanced training in replacing missing teeth using implant dentistry and works with a team of specialists to provide the most advanced implant care. Find out if dental implants are right for you, contact our Washington, DC dentist office to request an implant consultation.