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A Holistic Approach To Oral Health

Complete Dental Care in Washington, D.C.

Washington, DC restorative dentist Dr. Andrew Cobb is a senior faculty member and track leader at the prestigious Dawson Academy for the continuing education of advanced dentistry. The Dawson Academy promotes “complete dentistry” a concept and philosophy that brings a holistic approach to dental care. Complete dental care looks beyond the individual teeth and takes into consideration the function, form, health, and appearance of the full smile and the whole patient. Dr. Cobb offers holistic and complete dental services that address the underlying cause of dental health concerns.

“We don’t evaluate patients tooth by tooth, but look at the health of the entire system, taking a holistic approach.”dentist in Washington, D.C., Dr. Andrew Cobb
– Andrew Cobb, DDS

Why Complete Dentistry Matters

Fixing the function or appearance of a single tooth can treat the problem at hand. However, simply repairing a cracked tooth does not address why, or how this tooth became cracked. Does the patient grind their teeth? Do they have TMJ? Is their bite misaligned? Repairing a broken tooth, with out first addressing the cause of the crack, may lead to the need for dental maintenance care in the future. No one wants to repeatedly return to the dentist spending extra time and money to fix the same dental concern.

Dr. Cobb addresses the underlying health and functional concerns affecting the teeth, gums, and jaw as a part of his holistic approach to dental care. Using state of the art dental technology like the T-Scan, Dr. Cobb can thoroughly analyze the function and health of the site and connected tissues and muscles. Many dental concerns such as chipped or cracked teeth, excessively worn teeth, or even missing teeth are often a result of a misaligned or malfunctioning jaw joint. Realigning the jaw can make the bit more comfortable and protect teeth and gums from future damage.

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Dr. Cobb is a highly trained, well-experienced dentist offering restorative and cosmetic dental treatments to restore the function and health of a beautiful smile. Dr. Cobb offers dental implants, state of the art bite analysis, total smile makeovers and more. If you are looking for a new dentist, Dr. Cobb provides compassionate, personalized, high-quality dentistry that addresses your well being. Contact our Washington, DC dentist office to request an appointment.