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TMJ Therapy to Restore Function

TMJ Therapy in Washington, D.C.

What Is TMJ?

TMJ, or TMD refers to a group of symptoms that create complex jaw related issues. TMD stands for Temporomandibular Disorders. TMJ therapy is a restorative dentistry speciality that not all dentists are trained in. With the latest in diagnostic technology and years of experience, Washington, D.C. dentist Dr. Andrew Cobb may be able to offer you relief of your TMJ symptoms.

TMJ does not present itself the same in all cases. The causes of TMJ are unique to each patient. There is no one-size-fits- all approach to diagnosis or treatment of TMJ. Dr. Cobb offers comprehensive and individualized TMJ consultations to help each patient get to the root of their unique dental concerns. Finding out the cause of your TMJ is the first step in treating the symptoms and finding relief from daily discomfort.

Finding Relief From TMJ in Washington, D.C.

With high tech diagnostic equipment and years of experience, Dr. Cobb can offer his patients a uniquely individualized TMJ treatment plan. Dr. Cobb believes that “less is best” and will always try to avoid invasive surgeries. Dr. Cobb will discuss all of your treatment options with you and listen to your personal oral health concerns.

TMJ Diagnosis Technology

Joint Vibration Analysis (JVA) is one of the latest technologies used in the diagnosis of TMD. JVA is used to analyze the function of the jaw. This non-invasive tool measures the friction and vibration created by the jaw. Dr. Cobb is able to create a highly accurate picture of your bite and jaw function in just minutes. Always looking for the most conservative in dental treatment, the JVA allows Dr. Cobb to offer a more accurate diagnosis for a more precise treatment.

TScan is another technology used by Dr. Cobb to get a more accurate picture of your occlusal, or bite. The TScan lets Dr. Cobb analyze if your jaw is improperly functioning of your teeth are imbalanced which may be the cause of your TMJ pain.

There are some common factors patients experience if suffering from TMJ. You may be suffering from TMJ if you experience frequent popping or grating of the jaw bone, headaches, tension in the jaw, neck and shoulders or trouble or pain when eating. If you experience these symptoms, or have had a recent injury to the jaw area, schedule a consultation in our Washington, D.C. dentist office.