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Technology For Better Dentistry

Today’s dental technology offers more convenient, less invasive and lasting dental results. New technology allows dentists the flexibility to diversify their treatment options. Technology helps to build more focused treatment plans uniquely fit to each patient’s dental health concerns.

Choosing a dentist office equipped with modern technology is important to ensure you are receiving the best in dental care. But, access to technology alone is not enough. Finding a dentist with the experience and training to use that technology appropriately means more precise and effective dental care. Dr. Andrew Cobb addresses not just your cosmetic and restorative needs, but your overall oral health and well being.

Dedicated to advancing his education in dentistry, Washington, D.C. dentist Dr.Cobb offers expert dental diagnosis and treatment with the use of leading technology. Dr. Cobb’s continuing education keeps him current on advancements in the use of dental tech. Practicing cosmetic and restorative dentistry for over 25 years, Dr. Cobb focuses on the balance of health function and esthetics while utilizing the latest in office dental technology. His comprehensive and highly skilled practice offers the newest materials and fabrication techniques in order to give you your most natural looking smile.

Dr. Cobb’s Technology

Here is an overview of just a few of Dr. Cobb’s state of the art dental tools and how they benefit you and your oral health.

Tek Scan: T-Scan® III, takes the guess work out of evaluating your bite. T-Scan is a computerized occlusal analysis system. It analyzes your bite to detect where there are any bite inconsistencies that may be causing pain or more serious dental health concerns.

How T-Scan Benefits You: T-Scan computer software creates a 3-D analysis of your jaw in just minutes. Dr. Cobb can then get a highly accurate picture of what is and what is not functioning properly in your jaw. No more awkward molds or guess work. Dr. Cobb can pinpoint the issues, and educate you on your treatment options.

Digital Imaging: Digital Imaging allows Dr. Cobb to analyze, diagnose, and treat dental conditions with a higher level of accuracy. Through advanced digital computer software programs, Dr. Cobb can take painless images of your mouth. These images are stored on Dr. Cobb’s secure database without risk of deterioration.

How Digital Imaging Benefits You: These images are used to get a more accurate and comprehensive diagnosis of any dental concerns. Dr. Cobb can then offer you a glimpse of your new healthy smile. With the use of digital imaging software we can offer you predictions of what your proposed procedures will make your smile look like!

Laser Dentistry: The future of dental technology is here, and Dr. Cobb is an experienced provider. With less than 10% of dentists incorporating laser dentistry techniques, Dr. Cobb offers you a unique and modern treatment option. Through the use of lasers Dr. Cobb offers precise and effective restorative soft tissue gum issues.

How Laser Dentistry Benefits You: In the past gum restoration required drills and other painful tools. Lasers allow patients to feel at ease as they will experience little to no pain at all. Laser dentistry limits the need for anesthesia, reduces bleeding and swelling and shortens recovery times.

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